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FamilylawimageMarriage breakdown and family law issues can be very stressful events in ones lifetime. We approach these issues with sensitivity and offer realistic and practical solutions to these family issues.

What is a Separation Agreement?

Persons who have been married, and separate momentarily, enter into what is called a Separation Agreement. This is a legally binding Agreement or Contract and the parties can deal with matters such as custody of their children, access to their children, maintenance in respect of the children and/or dependant spouse, division of property and succession rights. This must be agreed between the husband and the wife on all terms before a Separation Agreement can finally be signed.

Judicial Separation

When the parties cannot reach agreement they can apply to the Court for an Order of Judicial Separation. The Court is then free to make Orders in relation to custody, access, maintenance, property rights and succession rights. The Court will also have the right to make what is known as a Pension Adjustment Order which gives one spouse an entitlement to a share in the other spouses pension on retirement.


With the instruction of the Divorce Act, 1995 it came possible for estranged spouses to now obtain a divorce provided that the parties live apart for 4 of the previous 5 years.
Again, while in Court various Orders can be made to deal with custody, access, maintenance, division of property rights, succession rights, and Pension Adjustment Order.

The following is an example of some of the areas we deal in:

    • Divorce and Separation Agreements
    • Custody / Access to children
    • Guardianship of children
    • Maintenance Issues
    • Property Disputes

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